Next Generation Wallet for NavCoin

We are building a new generation modern and stylish desktop wallet

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Open Source

NEXT is open source project and everyone can contribute.

Cross Platform

NEXT runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Fast & Lightweight

NEXT is an extremely fast and lightweight wallet.

Modern User Interface

Easy to use, simple and elegant user interface.

Full Node

NEXT is a wallet that supports full node. You can earn %4 interest with NEXT.

In-Wallet Proposal Tab

Proposal tab will allow users to view all Community Proposals and/or easily create a proposal.


You can download latest versions below



ARM 32


  • Added Welcome window to application startup.
  • Added Community Fund Information Cards to “Overview” page.
  • Added “Getting Started” page for Community Fund.
  • Added “Meet The Community” page for Community Fund.
  • Added proposal counts by proposal categories to “Overview” page.
  • Added version checking to “About” section.
  • Added Current Voting Period details to “Community Proposals” section.
  • Added Consensus variables to “Community Proposals” section.
  • Added Proposal creation fee warning to “Create Proposal” section.
  • Added “Available addresses” and “Available addresses with balance” groups to “Receive” section.
  • Removed “Private Send” toggle button.
  • Upgraded NavCoin version to 4.4.0 (Community Fund)
  • Fixed some small bugs.
  • Added support for PeerCoin, BlackCoin, ReddCoin, ZCoin, SysCoin, Crave, Digibyte, BitCore, VertCoin, SmartCash, GlobyCoin, Linc, Vivo, ZenCash, SocialSend, Bulwark, RavenCoin, EmerCoin, GroestlCoin.
  • Automatic update preference for daemon binaries has been added to Settings.
  • About section added.
  • Added custom background image setting to coins.json for each asset.
  • Fixed “space character” bug with application path.
  • Updated Open Alias API URL for NavCoin.
  • Added support for ARM and ARM64 devices.
  • Hardware acceleration disabled for ARM devices.
  • Added error catching for download daemon binaries from remote URL.
  • Changed method for list available public addresses.
  • Added Setup for first usage.
  • Added Multi Asset/Coin support.
  • Added “coins.json” file for dynamically list supported assets.
  • Added In-Wallet asset switch dropdown list.
  • Added “Update Preferences” to Settings.
  • Added “Notification Preferences” to Settings.
  • Added auto download/update feature for daemon binaries.
  • Added custom drawn notification window.
  • Added custom menu background color setting to coins.json file for each asset.
  • Added OpenAlias support for NavCoin.
  • Added tooltips to labels in Overview page.
  • Changed Peer List Received/Sent from byte to MB.
  • Fixed QR Code prefix.
  • Added “Repair Wallet” section to Settings.
  • Added “Backup/Import Wallet” section to Settings.
  • Added “Encrypt Wallet” section to Settings.
  • Added “Lock/Unlock Wallet” section to Settings.
  • Added “Donate” button to Community Fund section for directly donate to Fund.
  • Added “Unconfirmed” and “Immature” NAV amount to Homepage.
  • Added Youtube link to Homepage.
  • Added QR Code for new NAV address generation and existing NAV addresses.
  • Added “Games” section.
  • Added “Crash Assistant”.
  • If wallet encrypted, NEXT will ask for password while sending NAV, creating community proposal and creating payment request.
  • Added "Store" section for merchants.
  • Added "Staking Report" section.
  • Added "Console" section.
  • Added "NavCoin Daemon Logs" section.
  • Added "Peer List" section.
  • Added "Soft Forks" section.
  • Added "NavCoin Accepted Here" section.
  • Added "Instant Network Switch" button for easily change network between mainnet/testnet/devnet.
  • Added "Open Data Folder" button to Settings.
  • Added "Configuration File Editor" to Settings.
  • Added "Show Master Private Key" button to Settings.
  • Added "Sign Message" to Settings.
  • Added "Verify Message" to Settings.
  • Added "Table View" button to Community Proposals section.
  • Added "Search" button to Community Proposals section.
  • Added "Proposals by Status" information box to Community Proposals section.
  • Added "Payment Request List" for each proposal in Community Proposals section.
  • Added "Direct Donate" button for accepted proposals.
  • Added "Create Payment Request" button to "My Proposals" section for accepted proposals.
  • Added "Total Donation Amount" and "Number of Donors" info to Community Proposals section.
  • Added transfer type filter to Transactions section.
  • Added "Hide zero balances" button to Receive section.
  • Added "Private Payment/Anonymous Send" option to Send section.
  • Added CoinMarketCap actual data for NavCoin.
  • Added "Auto Update" feature for application.
  • Added "Context Menu".
  • Added "Owner/Team Members", "Web Site URL", "Contact E-mail", "Proposal Short Description","Proposal Long Description" fields to "Create Proposal" section.
  • Upgraded NavCoin Daemon version to "v4.2.0-cold-staking".
  • Redesigned "News" section.
  • Added support for mainnet.
  • Added random password generation for NavCoin Daemon.
  • Added secure wallet password support.
  • Added address book. (Jonathan)
  • Added "Please Wait" screen while application exiting.
  • Added "Categories" button to "Community Fund" section for filter by Proposal Category. (e.g. Social Event, Marketing)
  • Added "Filter" button to "Community Fund" section for filter by Proposal Status (e.g. Pending, Accepted, Featured)
  • Added "Community Fund Stats" info box to "Community Fund" section for display actual Community Fund values like Available NAV, Voting Period Start/End.
  • Added progress bars for each proposals Yes/No votes.
  • Code signing was done for MacOS.
  • Now asking for wallet password when sending NAV.
  • Homepage now lists only Featured Proposals.
  • Fixed transactions not displaying correctly. (LordNelsson)
  • Social media links now open on default browser. (LordNelsson)

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